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We are Just Eat, a leading global food platform powering a vast array of much-loved local brands. So if you’re looking for opportunity, growth, and to contribute meaningfully in a dynamic, international environment, then this is the place for you.

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"As a woman, I’ve had to work harder to demonstrate my technical skills and experience. As a parent, I’ve had to balance work with my home life whilst ensuring I continue to grow professionally. Luckily, my husband and managers have been supportive of me developing my leadership skills and career."
Elizabeth Hanson
Technology Manager, Bristol
"In the central buying and procurement teams we help JET stand out to the world, while standing up for it too. All our products are sourced from social and ethical suppliers with full visibility of the supply chain."

Tracy Bagnall

Head of Buying and Logistics, London
"The thing I love most about JET is that it's a truly international company. I've worked for large multinationals before, but never a business as truly diverse as this - and, in general, never such a hard-working but friendly and down-to-earth company."
Esme Packett
Corporate Development Specialist
"I’m proud of what the LGBT+ movement, and our other amazing network groups, are doing to make sure everyone can proudly be their whole, authentic self. As a global business, we must ensure we are creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong, and we can all contribute to this."
Sean MccCann
Head of People, Customer, London
"The company has given me so many opportunities in the past eight years. I changed roles 5 times and following training courses such as Scrum Master Certification and internal leadership training. Even 8 years in, every day remains different and varied.I never get bored."
Michael Brittan
Technology Manager (Salesforce), External Integrations, London
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