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Behind the Dish
Good customer service requires patience, problem-solving skills and a genuine passion for people. If that sounds like you, then this is a department with the right ingredients.

We’re looking for those special people who can patiently handle any issue, keeping their cool even in difficult moments. The ones who can adapt to any situation and find solutions that ensure deliveries run smoothly and customers enjoy the best care!

To set you up for success, we provide a supportive environment and clear paths for development. That means expert training, helpful colleagues, career progression opportunities and a great working culture.
We solve problems before you know it
The strong teamwork of our Customer Service specialists ensures that most problems get solved before the customer even notices. We work hard behind the scenes and around the clock, so they can focus on enjoying their takeaway. 
We know when a courier needs us
If one of our couriers gets in trouble, our LIVE Ops team members are there to help and find a solution. Genuine care for our colleagues is essential! At the same time, our agents learn a ton about logistics, prioritization and collaboration.

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Hear from our employees

"I first joined the company as a Junior Customer Service Specialist, after 3 months I became an Operation Support Specialist. After 18 months Just Eat gave me the opportunity to manage my own team and create the best customer service with a team I love."
Tomasz Czyzak
Supervisor Customer Services, Poland
"At, I just feel great. I was accepted as I am, despite my short stature. In addition, the colleagues and the office are just great." 
Ercuement Dere
Customer Service Specialist, Berlin
"I have a lot of tattoos, piercings, coloured hair and dress in a certain way. No one ever told me that I should change for the job, I was told once that I "should keep being me" and that's super nice, because people like you for your work and your personality and don't care about looks."
Lorena Koehler
Training Specialist, Berlin
I started 5 years ago as a customer service agent, assuming that I would only make a little detour until I "find the right path for my career". I've learned how challenging this job can be but it also offers so much variety, a bunch of opportunities and it is a place where colleagues become friends. Today I know, I was on the completely right path!
Lydia Müller
Team Lead Training and Quality, Berlin

Customer Service Job Opportunities

​​​​​​​Whether you are at the start of your career or already experienced, you are welcome to apply with us. Your success in customer service will be driven by your communication skills, ability to think on your feet and passion for helping others. We can teach you the rest and help you develop!

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