Win Together
with Insights at the Core

Get to collaborate with 500+ data & analytics experts and be a
thought partner to the business on our global strategy
and decision-making, impacting millions of our customers, colleagues,
​​​​​​​and restaurant partners.

Does this
sound like you?

You get excited thinking how you would decipher data from tens of millions of users and orders worldwide.
You understand data is only useful as insight and are constantly eager to better understand the needs of your stakeholders. 
You get triggered by data to ask questions and suggest new ideas, becoming a true thought partner to the business. 

A support network
you can count on

​​​​​​​Whether you join us in one of our bustling hubs or at our global headquarters, you’ll be part of a community you can lean on. Collaboration is key in what we do – because you can tackle every challenge with a great team! 

Meet our people

"Working at JET stimulates you to learn new things, understand wider context and collaborate with other functions and colleagues. In a company growing so fast, there are always new challenges related to different platforms, markets or technology stacks. You can be absolutely sure you will never be stuck with the same projects and responsibilites!"
Business Analyst, Netherlands

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