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Our UX Research Teams are passionate about understanding our customers to help drive research that makes meaningful change to products known and loved by millions of foodies globally. Our amazing researchers love to dig deep and understand complex issues to create research that influences decision making and helps shape the vision and strategy of our company. 
We work cross-functionally with product managers, designers, copywriters, analysts and engineers, allowing colleagues across the company to have the right ingredients to create not just a user-friendly, but also an accessible and inclusive service. And we’re fast-paced - talking to our users regularly and delivering rapid research and feedback, owning the entire research process from ideation to playback to uncover and provide the best end to end experience possible. 

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I really feel that food delivery services are changing the world we live in, and it’s really cool to be able to do research in that domain and to uncover insights that can inform how it’s changing as a result of the product and services that JET provides. We also really feel like a people first organization. Working here you get the sense that if we put people first then the business will do well; I really value that and it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. 
UX Research
I love working for JET because you get to collaborate with some incredibly talented product managers and designers, along with an immensely supportive UXR community that really wants to see you grow in your career. We’re a diverse group of people that bring to the table some rich and varied perspectives, which is exactly what we need in the world and in user research. 
Michael Peter
UX Research
What I like most is that my job involves speaking to people about food, everyone loves talking about takeaways, it always makes for a very interesting conversation. We’re also very passionate about making sure all customers are considered, and I’ve been able to speak to customers who have accessibility needs to make sure that we have them front of mind when making improvements to our app
Rachael Main
UX Research
For me it always starts with the people I work with and the collaboration opportunities. I love working with the amazing people we have; it’s not about the egos it’s about getting the amazing work done together. It’s also about the opportunities to go beyond your role. For instance, when I joined I got involved with our STEM programme, which helps to mentor students and give them advice in lives and careers.
Swetha Sethu-Jones
UX Research Team Lead

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