Meet the team
Team name: Back office Customer Service 
Based in: Berlin
Nationalities: Ukraine, Macedonia, Turkey, Brazil, USA, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Syria, India

What’s your team’s purpose?
Empowering the best support experience through innovative tools and solutions for our customer service teams. By supporting their advisors and agents in the field to work more efficiently, we ultimately help provide a better experience for our customers and partners as well.

What are your ways of working?
We are very much Agile, working as a traditional Scrum team. We have bi-weekly ceremonies such as sprints, retros, refinements, and reviews with our stakeholders where we collect feedback on our latest increment. Because we are also a rather technical team, we also practice things like pair programming and event storming. We consistently keep a level of close collaboration between tech and product by exploring things like opportunity solution trees together. We also maintain both product and technical roadmaps for all endeavours, to make sure everything we deliver is the best it can be.

Who are your key stakeholders outside product & tech?
Because we help support our colleagues in Customer Service, they are really our main stakeholders. But we also often collaborate with other teams such as TMS, ePay team, Restaurant teams, CloudOps, SysOps, etc. Recently we have been getting better acquainted with our Just Eat counterparts after the merger, whose teams have joined us in the Support Domain of our Operations Pillar. It’s been quite an exciting time for us actually; the company is so international now. 

What keeps your team connected?
Our team is really fortunate to all have a fun spirit and connect well with high-level collaboration. Everyone in the team has a shared motivation and drive for getting things done. We’ve also enjoyed many fun team events together, both virtual during corona and now in person. Nowadays, we usually do Friday team lunches or after-work drinks in the office. In the past, we’ve also enjoyed virtual game nights ( favourites include Among Us &, and we do our best to celebrate birthdays and important life events.

What’s the biggest challenge your team has?
External dependencies, which require continuous communication and collaboration with teams in other domains. While these are still challenges that we face, we try to overcome them through our shared vision, and by actively engaging others to help find solutions together. We also remain open to ideas that come from other teams and feel we are agile enough to change our approach when needed. Transparency is key.

What is the next big thing for the team?
In the future, we will seek to work on automated Order Refund and Cancellation. We are only in the discovery phase at this point, but this will be a bigger initiative that will involve various teams from other domains. This will ultimately make a big impact on improving the customer service experience, also by increasing Customer Service efficiency and reducing the load from many customer requests.

Best team memory: 
Most recent ones include a couple from this year’s Snow Fest: board games in the lobby. We’ve also had fun times at GoKarting, bowling, and a great summer boat party as a team.

Tell us something only JETers will know:
Our mascot is Murphy the cat! Anyone who joins our sprint reviews or team meetings will have seen him sneaking around in the background.

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Hear from our employees

"I like the chance to work together with smart
and innovative people from all over the globe. I
feel that I'm always learning."
"I love being part of a company where I am both
the customer and an employee"
"I especially enjoy working with my team which
is very lively and friendly."
"I like that we are collaborative and we use the
latest trends in technology."
"I love being surrounded by a completely
culturally diverse group of nationalities and
"I like our product and my team. I also like
that I can bring value and that I can see the impact."
"My favourite part is contributing my
knowledge to create a system which serves
hundreds of millions of people."
"My favourite part of JET is my team, my team and again my team! I love the way we work together, the level of collaboration, and the mutual respect"
"I like the flexibility we have at JET, especially being a parent - you need to have such support from
colleagues and the organisation, which I have here."
“I love being part of the team because everyone shares the same vision and goals and is dedicated to achieving them. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other."

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