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About Tamar

Position at Takeaway: Product Manager, TakeawayPay

Tel Aviv

When did you join the company?
August 2019
What does your job involve? 
I’m involved in developing the Restaurant Portal for our B2B and B2C products, features and APIs.

What characteristics do you need for this role? 
It’s important to be an analytical thinker, but it’s also about your attitude. You need to be a team player who’s open and willing to learn. The culture here is to not be afraid of making a mistake or facing a new challenge, because you can learn from it - and improve yourself and your work.

What do you like about your role?
To be honest, I’m still exploring new aspects of the role. But it’s great to be part of the creation process, developing features and writing code. I really like the atmosphere in the teams here, and the way departments are organised. We do serious work, but there’s also a lot of socializing and everyone has a smile on their face. Although I’m one of the newest starters here, I feel included in everything and had a warm welcome from day one. This company values all its employees equally, and that’s something I admire.

What are your KPIs?

My goal is to create good code which fits our requirements and is scalable. I also need to ensure our software meets the company’s business needs, and aligns with the Product Owner’s vision.

Which tools do you use?
For a wide range of tasks, I use Slack, Lifesize, Jira, Confluence, PHPSTORM and Data Grip (new for me!). I work with everything that’s secure, is important for the task/project and will optimise our work.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining us?
It’s an awesome experience! If you value and respect your work and want to work in a company that will do the same, then Takeaway.com is definitely the place for you.

What are your goals for the future?
My vision is to grow as an IT expert and Software Engineer, and become a better all-round person. I want to produce work that everyone including myself is happy with. I also want to help others develop and bring positivity to my colleagues.

The first thing you do when you arrive at the office is...
I say “Hi/Good morning” to everybody, set up my desk, switch on my PC and then grab myself a coffee...because every good day starts with a good coffee! I then check my email and the team messages on Slack.

Your favourite spot in the office?
My desk, of course!

What can we find at your desk?
The essentials - my notebook, pen, glasses, coffee, and a bottle of water.

What do you usually order for lunch?
I like to eat a lot of different dishes, but I stay loyal to my side dish: a hot soup.

Tell us about your hobbies outside of work...
I spend my time reading books, watching sci-fi movies/series, dancing and driving my car.

Give us an interesting fact we didn’t know about you...
I have a very vivid imagination, and enjoy getting all my thoughts out on paper. I’m hoping to get a novel published one day.

Anything else you’d like to add? 
Yes, let’s feed all these hungry cookie-monsters out there!