Food is our passion
Tech is our power

Working in our tech and product teams means making real global impact: building, managing, and improving our ecosystem with over 2,000 colleagues for products that are in the hands of millions of people around the world every day.

Does this
sound like you?

You’re a natural problem solver who loves the chance to innovate, be challenged with hands-on projects, and is not afraid to fail, learn, and go again.
You want to lend your expertise to help others grow, whilst being open to learn from those around you in a fun, fast-paced environment.
You thrive in teams with diverse colleagues, working globally and hybrid to make an impact on our customers, partners, our business and ourselves. 

A place where challenges are a chance to grow

Whether building our flagship apps, improving food discovery, or optimising routes for our couriers, collaboration is key to what we do. We succeed by maintaining an agile, no-blame culture, staying innovative, and adopting the right technologies for each project.

Meet our people

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"Every door is open here, there really is a no blame culture with no ‘bad learnings’. I love working in product management - when you see a product go live, you know that success is up to your team. That makes me immensely proud."
Associate Product Manager
"I really enjoy the culture here. Everyone always has your best interest in mind. we have plenty of industry standard technologies we work with, as well as domain specific features and automation tools. This means we’re constantly learning and growing our skillset."
Platform Engineer
"My two passions, food and technology, are meeting in the same company. It’s one of the most welcoming, rewarding organizations I’ve ever been in. Every day I work with super smart people and I’m challenged by them to make better decisions for the business and our teams. There are so many learning opportunities and it’s so much fun."
"I’ve worked here for over 10 years. It’s actually really amazing to work in one place for so long. Everyone has come such a long way together, both professionally but also personally; I still work with people who were in my life when I met my husband, when I had all three of my children, and many other life."
Software Development Lead
"Working for a company like JET is wonderful. We work with the latest technology and deploy really often. In other companies projects might take 3-6 months before a product or functionality is launched. I love working in such a fast-paced environment where there’s no drawn-out feedback period between implementing something and seeing its impact."
Principal Engineer
"I learn from my team members every day, and they learn from one another too. We’re very diverse, and this diversity takes many forms, so we all bring something different to the table. I love that we’re an amazing, highly collaborative team where everyone is heard and can be their most authentic selves."
UX Research Team Lead

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