Testimonial: Tamar Aharonovich


About Tamar

Position at Takeaway: Product Manager, TakeawayPay

Tel Aviv

When did you join the company?
August 2019
What does your job involve?

I am a Product Manager for TakeawayPay, our service for companies giving an ordering allowance to their employees. This product has been operating successfully in Israel for 20 years, and now we are developing it for the European market.

I am building a roadmap for the next year, to help us decide which features are needed and specify those, together with the development and sales teams. We need to consider regulations and information security, as well as meeting GDPR requirements. 

What characteristics do you need for this role?

I need a wide perspective to be able to understand all considerations and needs. I need an in-depth knowledge of the different challenges our sales and business teams are facing, as well as the different markets they deal with.

I need to speak to a variety of stakeholders: including developers, legal departments and sales specialists. It’s Important to excite them and get them on board. So good communication is also a major factor. 

What do you like about your role? 

I have a lot of freedom and a place to express my ideas. I feel that I have an impact on the product. It is also okay to make mistakes here, because we learn from them. The feeling is that we are always respected as employees and that gives me a lot of confidence to speak up. 

What are your KPIs?

We are expecting hundreds of companies across Europe to join our service. To be able to do that, the product needs to cope with multiple languages and currencies and be able to serve millions of users on a daily basis.

What are the tools you are using for work? 

Slack, of course. Grammarly is a great tool to avoid spelling mistakes, while I use TFS to manage my tasks. For personal management, I’m using Workflowy and Lifesize to do online meetings. 

The first thing you do when you arrive at the office is…

That’s easy. Coffee!

Your favourite spot in the office is…

Not really a spot, but I like the morning vibe at the office. I usually arrive early so I have some quiet time before everyone comes in.. 

What can we find at your desk? 

Nothing too exciting! It’s mostly just water, coffee and my headphones.

What do you usually order for lunch? 

I love fish, so I’ll often order a salmon dish

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I’m a huge fan of CrossFit

Give us an interesting fact we didn’t know about you...

I really enjoy reading books. One of my favourites is ‘Brooklyn Girl’, which I’d definitely recommend checking out.