Technology list

In this list, you will find all the cookies used on our websites. These will be sorted by the purposes mentioned in the cookie statement

Necessary Technologies

These cookies are also known as essential cookies and are necessary to ensure that the website and its features function properly. Web/app services cannot be provided without these cookies. Examples of use cases include navigation, access to secure areas of our services, privacy settings, logging into our services, or adding items to cart/basket. These cookies usually do not store any personal data. 

Functional Technologies

Also known as preference cookies, they allow the website to remember user choices to give users better functionality and personal features. We use these various technologies to ensure that our website works and is simple to use. Scripts ensure that the website is interactive and that something happens when you click on something.

Analytical Technologies

These analytical cookies, including statistics, are used to understand how visitors interact with the website and apps as well as the performance thereof by collecting and reporting information aggregated and anonymously, for example, of which pages were viewed, which links were clicked on, how long our pages were viewed; which products were viewed and purchased and which devices were used. We do not use the data for marketing or advertising purposes and we do not share it with other third parties. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you visited our site. We also use these cookies to analyze behavior on our website using cookies and trackers in order to improve our website and adapt it to users in order to give the best possible user experience. We hope that by analyzing this data, we can ensure that our website will be as user-friendly as possible and obtain feedback on specific parts of our websites and applications.

Personalized (targeting and advertising)

These marketing cookies and similar technologies are used to tailor the delivery of information to users based on their interests and to measure the effectiveness of such advertisements, both on our website and our advertising partners' websites. By understanding your use of our services, we can better tailor our services, newsletters, offers and other communications to you as well as display advertisements that are relevant and engaging for you (based upon your interests and preferences) via our marketing and social media partners. If you do not allow these cookies, you will see less targeted advertisements.