Sales at JET:
We power partnerships

You see partners, not numbers.

At Just Eat, being in sales comes with the freedom to do things differently. In fact, our restaurants aren’t customers – they’re partners. We see them as partners, not numbers - because the things we’re selling them benefit our restaurants just as much as they benefit us.

That freedom gives us the best of both worlds. The thrill of closing a deal, pursuing leads and thinking on our feet, paired with the reward of providing solutions for real problems, supporting partners and forming relationships. 

There’s nothing wrong with being results orientated – but at Just Eat, our results are different. More orders means more growth for our partners and more delicious meals delivered!

We make deals,
so they can make meals.

When our sales teams bring on a new restaurant partner, they get to make a difference to small businesses, as well as our global one. Why not use your sales skills to do the same?

A win for us is a win for them.

When our sales teams bring a new restaurant partner on board, they get to work with huge global brands and support independent neighbourhood favourites, as well as boosting our own business. Want to use your sales skills to do the same?

Try ‘partners’ – not customers.

Because without our restaurant partners, there would be no takeaway. With real relationships and mutual benefits we grow as as a global company while growing their orders.
​​​​​​​We all win.

Hear from our employees

"The best thing about working for Menulog is the people. There's always an exciting project to work on, and you have the resources and support of a great team to get it done. I've been able to grow thanks to collaboration with and learning from my colleagues, along with access to training resources."
Sales Analyst, Sydney
"I love how much room I have to bring and develop my own ideas. My team lead welcomes them with open arms and gives me the time and resources I need to execute them. Thanks to my ideas, we've increased our business results and I'm really proud of it!"
Business Analyst, Berlin
"As a sales leader we create a sales environment where we trust each other, hold ourselves accountable and put the team and our partners ahead of ourselves. We foster a sales performance culture where we continuously innovate, reach further, and execute faster on achieving our mission."
Executive Vice President, Sales, Amsterdam
"Coming here was on of the best decisions I could have made. There is phenomenal Leadership, mentoring and coaching. Working here has made me aware of my self-worth again. Month by month I experienced how a non-toxic working environment can empower, motivate and develop people."
Team Lead Sales Coordination (Sales Marketplace), Berlin

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